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People researching multi-level marketing (MLM) company Primerica seem to end up on this blog. I wrote previously about the fake job interview that is really a recruiting session for Primerica, some of the scammy aspects of Primerica, and one former Primerica representative’s story.

I even get Primerica reps emailing me to tell me how awful I am for saying bad things about their company. It’s just a fact that MLM investment and insurance companies sell products that aren’t as good and are more expensive than traditional insurance and investment companies. They have less educated representatives, many of whom are dabbling in the field.

For fun, I looked for reviews of the Primerica “business opportunity” (no, MLM is not a business) and was pleasantly surprised with some findings on Glassdoor. Of course brainwashed reps have been asked to flood the site with positive reviews to tip the scales in the company’s favor. But there are still plenty of honest reviews about what a terrible “job” it is.

Here are some of the negative reviews of Primerica from Glassdoor:



None absolutely none period run fast run far


all of them this is a pyramid scheme they hire people through friends and they get a commission when they do. Ive been one of those people. You pay $99 and then 25/month to access the website. SCAM. Then you sell life insurance through family and friends. These people are lower than scum. I would say more but more people can say it better than me. Whatever people said about Primerica is absolutely true. ITS A SCAM

Advice to Management

Go gert a real job and stop scamming kids.

Stay Clear!


They help you get your Life License


MLM – They sell a dream of being rich and making money ! Cold Calling

Advice to Management

Stop lying to people – Most dont make the big money here !

NOT a company any good person should work for!! EVER!!

I worked at Primerica full-time for more than a year


There is nothing good about this company.


SCAM!! As an “employee” you are NEVER to pay money to obtain a “paying” position in ANY company.

*Ask for upfront costs for your being hired, $299

*Entire training teaches you how to build and enact a pyramid scheme.

*NEVER allowed to ask rational and competent questions, you are penalized for asking any question that might challenge their schemes.

*Mandatory “Saturday School” where you are encouraged with false promises to Sell, Sell, Sell.

*NO regular pay, ALL COMMISSION BASED, but they don’t tell you this until AFTER you give them a $300 investment that you NEVER get back

*Teaches you how to scam the elderly, uninformed, and even the poor put of money

*Constantly remind employees that “We are in the business to make money, so try to sign up “falt” signers.”

*Supervisors are vile, scammers that are so used to treating everyone like crap that they simply don’t care about anything.

Advice to Management

STOP scamming the public. There is a reason no one has heard of this company, as billboards would be false advertisement. Quit your jobs, seek help and look for something that won’t cost you your soul. I did and amazingly, I’m not plagud with all manners or moral issues.

This is a Scam


You can get your insurance license and learn some valuable things. But you are stuck with working with Primerica. People were friendly at the start.


They milk money out of you through these constant cult type meetings and events where you hear the same story over and over again how Primerica saved their life. they flaunt money and bad mouth their relatives and exes. they put people down due to their financial status claiming you can be like them (morally bankrupt due to their financial worth) They recruit through lies and deception and then want the names of all your friends and family. Troll through your social media accounts to find more recruits or clients. It slowly becomes harassment. I would go to meetings where the leader would yell at you the whole entire time, demanding new people come to the meeting so he can make more money. You make money the same way a pyramid scheme does. When you make a sale the person who signed you up to get’s a cut and the person who signed them up gets a cut and up the ladder, it goes. It’s a scam.

Advice to Management

Be honest from the start don’t try to con, scam people into investing in this company and tell them what you can offer them. THE TRUTH!! Not the version that I was sold only to find out months later. they provide half truths and no way out of this cult-like experience. Stop the name calling of trainees, relatives, and exes and bragging about how you’re better because of the amount in your bank account. Sell the product honestly not through shady practices. Monitor your people better and branches. I had people calling and yelling at me on the phone when I decided this is not for me. When I finally wanted to cancel my insurance they forced me to buy they refused. What a nightmare!!! I was raised in a cult like church and this had the same feel and methods. I got out of there as fast as my legs could take me. I had to change my social media accounts and block certain people. When I remove the block they pop up immediately they won’t back off and leave me alone to this day. Monitor and get control of your staff and district leaders make sure they are representing the company truthfully.

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