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Tracy on the Where Accountants Go Podcast

Yesterday I appeared on Mark Goldman’s “Where Accountants Go” podcast. Mark owns MGR Accounting Recruiters, a company that matches employers with job seekers in the accounting and finance arena.

We spent 30 minutes talking about my work as a forensic accountant, with a focus on how I got into the specialty and how I developed my forensic accounting practice. Mark and I talked about things like:

  • I started out as a criminology major who wanted to become a prison warden someday
  • A class on financial crimes investigations caused me to change course and become an accountant
  • I used my time at Arthur Andersen to learn how accounting works in the real world (rather than just solving textbook accounting problems)
  • How I made a career move to a forensic accounting firm before I started my own firm
  • Using fixed fees in forensic accounting engagements for the past 21 years
  • How I developed a client base
  • Why I’ve been a solo practitioner for 21 years
  • Why you should feel nervous before you testify as an expert witness
  • Managing the ebb and flow of work and how quickly I can complete a case

You can listen to the podcast here.

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