Review of Essentials of Corporate Fraud


A big thanks to Lee Distad for his kind review of Essentials of Corporate Fraud at his blog, Lee Distad’s Professional Opinion. Lee is a regular commenter here, and writes a great blog of his own on business issues. He’s always presenting something interesting.

Lee said in part:

Overall, Essentials of Corporate Fraud is a good basic primer for both identifying fraud, as well as improving your company’s safeguards against fraud. It’s a brief, easy read, and it’s extremely relevant to my client businesses: small privately owned AV integration firms. I won’t hesitate to suggest it to my clients as recommended reading.

Thanks again, Lee!

Review from student assigned to read Essentials of Corporate Fraud


“My name is xxxx xxxxxx, and I am a student at Utica College undertaking a Masters degree in Economic Crime Management.  This is my first semester and have been assigned to read your book – Essentials of Corporate Fraud.  I just wanted to mention what a great reading experiencing I have had while reading your book.  It was very informative and I am constantly referring back to it in order to keep myself on the right track with relation to course assignments.  I am currently a police officer with a Masters in Criminal Justice, and I can say that Fraud Investigations requires a different set of analytical skills than required by my previous coursework.  But as I said, your book has proven very useful in clarifying many confusions along the way this semester.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my email.  Take care.”

Essentials of Corporate Fraud featured in “The People Pro” Newsletter


Barb Bartlein is known nationally as “The People Pro“… offering advice and strategic assistance in dealing with people issues. She assists clients with management training, professional mentoring, and employee management issues. She’s a nationally syndicated columnist for The Business Journal, a successful author, and one funny lady. Her humor his lit up audiences for years.

She featured Essentials of Corporate Fraud in her recent newsletter, and this is the article she wrote about it: Continue reading

I Wanted You to Love My Book…


Michael Good at Goode Value Investing did a review of my book Essentials of Corporate Fraud, but I didn’t realize it until tonight!

I admit it – I want everyone to love my book. But everyone won’t. Michael is a great example… his knowledge is way beyond that of the target market for my book. The key to enjoying Essentials of Corporate Fraud is being a beginner when it comes to fraud. The book is geared toward executives, attorneys, auditors, and consultants who are newly encountering the topic of fraud.

How could someone be a high-level executive and not be familiar with fraud? You’d be surprised! The fact is that many executives are so focused on sales numbers and the bottom line, that fraud really isn’t a priority or something they think about a lot. Until a fraud comes along or the auditors make some very serious statements about fraud risks in the company. Continue reading

AOL features a fraud post today to help promote my book


From the AOL Small Business welcome screen:


The actual post is on WalletPop today – When employees steal: Five reasons your business could be vulnerable to fraud. And the post links to my book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud.

There are already a couple of interesting comments. And they should get better throughout the day. AOL readers are always sure to leave unusual comments.

It’s fun being number one!


My book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud, is currently the number one book in the Auditing category on It’s been floating between number one and number ten all week long. Amazon updates the statistics hourly, so even one book purchase can put you at the top. So I don’t know how much the rankings mean, but it’s fun looking to see how close I am to the top anyway.

And of course, I have the proof because I’ll want to look back on this moment when my book is #52,395 in Auditing… Continue reading

Essentials of Corporate Fraud is the Cool Book of the Day


Head on over to Dan Janal’s Cool Book of the Day website and check out the information on Essentials of Corporate Fraud. I’m today’s big winner! Dan helps promote books written by his clients by telling readers about teh books, who they’re for, and why the book is soooooo good.

Client, you say? Yes, I’m a client of Dan’s. He’s a PR guru and helps people market themselves and their companies and services. Check him at at PR Leads.