Podcast About My Book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud


Authors on the Net, a site that helps authors promote their books, has published a podcast I recently recorded with the site’s founder, Phil Davis.

All you self-publishers need to get on over to Authors on the Net and sign up! Phil has been in the publishing industry for a long time, and has been asked countless times how to sell books. The site walks authors through everything from getting listed on Amazon.com to finding people to review your book to getting publicity for your book. All of this information is especially critical if you’re self-published…. there’s no publisher there to set any of this up for you or point you in the right direction.

The podcast deals with the profession of fraud investigation, the process of getting my publishing contract and writing the book, as well as my plans for marketing Essentials of Corporate Fraud and my future in book publishing.

My US3 Report Insider Interview


Sam SteeleI recently did an interview with Sam Steele (that’s him at the right), the face of The US3 Report. He interviewed me on Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement, and of course, gave me a chance to promote my new book Essentials of Corporate Fraud.

The US3 Report calls itself: “The Ultimate Safety & Security Resource for the Business Executive.” Subscription to this resource is by invitation only, and is purposely capped at a small number, to ensure that subscribers are the recipients of exclusive information.

Much of the information in the monthly reports revolves around personal security and protection for the high-profile and/or high net worth individual. It’s clear that these types of people are bigger targets for criminals, both those committing physical crimes and those stealing identities and other personal information. Continue reading

Materiality at Overstock.com Inc.


Sam Antar made this nice find in regard to materiality, one of many issues at Overstock.com (NASDAQ:OSTK). You see… materiality is an issue because, in addition to “unusual” material items at Overstock, we’ve seen several immaterial “unusual” items as well.

Users of financial statements have a tendency to overlook “immaterial” items, because by definition, they are quite small and likely don’t make much of a difference when you look at the financial statements as a whole

But don’t be fooled. Items deemed small and “immaterial” can in fact be very important to the financial statements. So says the SEC in Staff Accounting Bulleting 99: Continue reading

My Incredible Book Writing Journey


My first book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud, is not even done printing yet, and I am already starting to write my second book for John Wiley & Sons. How did I do it Well that’s all a bit of a mystery to me.

You see, the process was all so easy. There was none of this “write a book and pitch it to a publisher.” I didn’t go through the process of creating a massive book proposal and sending it to publishing companies. Continue reading

Book Publishing: Essentials of Corporate Fraud is done!


It’s official! My first book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud is done. It is on its way to the printer, to be ready for shipment by March 14, if not sooner.

The hard work was in writing it, the stuff that came after that was a relative breeze. Although when people ask me if it was hard to write, the honest answer is no. It really wasn’t hard to write because the book is full of the core fraud prevention and detection material that I teach about and write about all the time. So it was more a matter of finding the time to sit down and do the writing. Continue reading