Flip This House lawsuit update


This information is old (from early June), but since I have so many people reaching my site with searches related to Flip This House, I thought I’d print it anyway.

I wrote previously about the lawsuit between A&E and Richard Davis of Trademark Properties here and here. Most of my information was derived from a website called Flip This Lawsuit. The owner of that site summarized a June 6 hearing on summary judgment motions made by A&E. Essentially, A&E said that no written contract existed between them and Davis/Trademark, and that the verbal contract wasn’t what Davis claims it is.

Important issues decided during this hearing, per Flip This Lawsuit: Continue reading

Flip This House Lawsuit Continued


As I mentioned in last week’s post about the A&E television show Flip This House, Richard Davis and Trademark Properties have sued A&E. Richard claims that A&E essentially stole his idea for the show and never paid him either for the idea or for the first season in which he participated.

A&E had the case removed from state court to the Federal District Court for South Carolina. Naturally, A&E denies nearly every allegation made by the plaintiffs. The network denies that any agreement similar to the one alleged by Richard and Trademark in the complaint was ever reached. They instead say the following occurred: Continue reading

Flip This House Lawsuit


Last year I became a big fan of the A&E Channel’s show called “Flip This House”. The show followed Richard Davis, and his company Trademark Properties, as they bought, renovated, and sold houses. I loved the show and Richard’s up-and-coming employee Ginger Alexander.

I waited to see new episodes. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

And finally realized there wasn’t going to be another show. At least not with Richard and Ginger. A&E had found some bogus “replacements” for the show, and it is now terrible. Continue reading