Usana Defender Len Clements


Len Clements MLM ExpertOne vocal supporter of Usana has been Len Clements, an owner of a multi-level marketing company. Len Clements has called himself a “watchdog” of MLM, but it seems he’s most interested in keeping the MLM business model alive (for obvious reasons) no matter the effects on participants.

Len Clements has been frustrated because little attention has been paid to some things he’s written in rebuttal to the various reports Barry Minkow and team (including me) have released. The writings of Len Clements are a bit painful to read, as he often doesn’t articulate clear points, and his sarcasm and disrespect toward the other side ruin what little credibility he might otherwise have.

Len Clements went crazy on the Yahoo discussion board to this earlier this week, posting as mwave43: Continue reading