Suspect in Title Company Fraud to be Charged with Felonies


In March I wrote about a case involving Parkview Title Service and a mom and daughter team that allegedly stole huge sums of money from it. In mid-2006, Bill Molkenthen (the owner of Parkview) believed that Bobbi Moths and her daughter Jamie Wilson were stealing from him, using the money to pay personal bills like mortgages and other personal expenses. He estimates that the theft was over $200,000, and he went to the police with his suspicions. As the case was heating up, Wilson committed suicide.

Bobbi Moths opened Excel Title on Hampton Avenue after the Waukesha location of Parkview closed, but a June 5 report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that Moths has closed Excel.

And now my sources indicate to me that on May 22, Bobbi Moths appeared at the Waukesha police station to be booked on three felony counts related to the Parkview fraud. Additional felony charges in the case are supposedly forthcoming. It’s been said that the IRS is investigating Moths as well. Continue reading

Why Business Owners Should NEVER Hire Family Members


Under no circumstances should a business ever hire family members of current employees. I don’t care how good the current employee is or how good the potential employee seems. No “wife of the CFO to help with the books.” No “son of a sales guy to help with office work.” No “brother of our VP to work in sales.”

No matter what position either family member is in, it’s not a good idea to hire more than one because the chance of collusion for the purpose of committing fraud skyrockets. Is there a study that says so? Not that I’ve seen. I’m just basing my statement on my practical experience and the number of cases I’ve seen with family members committing fraud.

Take this Milwaukee area fraud at Parkview Title Service. Mom (Bobbi Moths) hired her daughter (Jamie Wilson). The daughter had serious financial troubles, and I’m sure the business owner had no idea. Continue reading