A ShopToEarn Broker’s Opinion On the Program


A Shop To Earn broker left this as a comment last night on one of our ShopToEarn / ShopToEarth threads. I think she has some important insights, so I’m republishing it as an article so more people will see it.

Are you thinking about getting involved with STE? Are you wondering if ShopToEarn is a scam or a fraud? Could it really be as easy as they’re making it sound with their push to recruit just two people? Check out what this broker has to say… Continue reading

Searching for Shop to Earn Scam


There are still plenty of people searching for “Shop to Earn scam,” ShopToEarn fraud, “is Shop to Earn legitimate,” Shop To Earth scam, and the like. The company has, for the most part, avoided negative commentary on the internet.

It seems important, therefore, to go over some of the finer points of this newer multi-level marketing (MLM) company that is being promoted as the next big thing. Let’s review… Continue reading

How NOT to Handle Criticism: Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth


Ben W. Glass, editor at Clarislaw.com and attorney, did a nice write-up last week of the ShopToEarn situation. He thinks attorney Gerald Nehra made a boo-boo when he wrongly threatened Everyday Finance and me because of our negative reviews of Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth.

He gives a brief background on the original review at Everyday Finance and the threatening emails. Then goes on to say: Continue reading

Another reason for Gerald Nehra to dislike the FTC Business Opportunity Rule: Lots of companies will have to comply!


Another letter opposing the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule was submitted by MLM attorney Gerry Nehra. His problem in this letter? The fact that there are many companies that would have to comply with the rule and the FTC cited the wrong number! Why would it matter if there are 150 or 1,500 companies that are multi-level marketing schemes? If they need to be regulated, they need to be regulated, no matter how many there are! Continue reading

Word is Getting Out About ShopToEarn Lawyer Gerald Nehra’s Threats to Bloggers


Blatant acts of consumerism are occurring all over the internet. Far and wide, bloggers are banding together to spread the word about multi-level marketing attorney Gerald Nehra threatening bloggers on behalf of his client, Shop To Earn.

It all started a few weeks ago when blogger Everyday Finance wrote a post about the ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth program. He highlighted both positives and negatives that he found with their MLM program. It wasn’t long before he got a cease and desist email from Gerry Nehra (former attorney for mlm giant Amway), threatening legal action if he didn’t take down his negative comments about the company. Continue reading

Shop To Earn Lawyer Ups the Ante with Financial Blogger


ShopToEarn is a multi-level marketing company recruiting new members who can receive a small percentage of cash back on their internet purchases. If they recruit enough new people into the scheme, who pay the $450 fee and do some shopping of their own, they can make a little more money.

I have a dim view of this program, and so does Everyday Finance. The blogger at Everyday Finance was threatened by MLM attorney Gerald Nehra about posting his opinions on the company. The blogger amended parts of his original article, making it very clear that he was citing personal opinions (both good and bad) about the program. I got my own cease and desist letter this week from Gerry Nehra and Shop To Earn. Continue reading

More Bullying of Bloggers by Shop To Earn Attorney Gerald Nehra


Earlier today I reported that I had been threatened by Gerald Nehra, attorney for multi-level marketing company ShopToEarn for writing about my opinions on the company here. I am not the first blogger that he and Shop To Earn have threatened, and the threats continue.

The blogger writing Everyday Finance has been threatened more than once by Gerry Nehra because he posted his personal review of Shop To Earn and the ShopToEarth program. He had some concerns about the program, the Shop To Earth products, how commissions are paid out, and the MLM structure. I quoted from his analysis here. He found some positives and negatives with the program.

More threats have been issued to this blogger, so he now has this posted on his blog: Continue reading

Shop To Earn Lawyer Bullying Bloggers


As expected, Gerald Nehra, the attorney for ShopToEarn sent me an email intended to bully me into not writing about Shop To Earn. Here’s his letter:

I represent ShopToEarn and advise them on direct selling legal matters.

You are on notice to CEASE & DESIST your disparaging and potential libelous references to ShopToEarn and the unapproved use of the ShopToEarn logo on your website.

The ShopToEarn program is legally and economically sound, and the company will take all steps necessary to protect its’ rights.

Gerald Nehra
Attroney for ShopToEarn

And here is the response I sent him today: Continue reading

More on Why ShopToEarn Sucks (And So Do MyPowerMall and TeamNational)


Online shopping multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) aren’t new. My Power Mall (MPM) has been around for a while, Team National has been in the mix too, and now Shop to Earn has popped up and is being aggressively marketed by its members.

My bottom line on all of these companies: Don’t waste your time or money. You can find better deals on your purchases outside their systems. And the systems are really nothing more than typical MLM recruiting schemes. Shopping is not the objective, recruiting is. Let me explain these programs to you… Continue reading