Milwaukee Public Schools Teachers Admit They Suck?


The idea being proposed is simple: Pay Milwaukee Public Schools teachers more to teach a longer school day so children can learn more.

The response from the teachers union: “We’ve taken a consistent view that doing the same thing longer is going to produce the same results.”

Translation: We’re not teaching children now, and having a longer school day would only have us not teaching more. Continue reading

A teacher’s perspective on the problems in Milwaukee Public Schools


This was posted as a comment on one of my articles on the budget problems at Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Although I believe most of what this person says, I do know from looking at the database myself that there are plenty of teachers making $80k to $100k a year when you add the excessive benefits packages to their salaries. Notwithstanding that, I think there are many valid points here that deserve to be highlighted in a separate post such as this.

I have taught in the state of Wisconsin for 11 years. My first 7 seven years were for MPS. My last four have been in the suburbs. I currently hold a masters degree and I can state for a fact that I have and never will earn anywhere close to $80,000. I can also state with assurance that the MPS union is extremely weak. If you talk about bringing the union in the administration laughs. The union is a joke now. The administration will make your life miserable for your attempt, though. The teachers (what few there really are) are not getting the money. The union is not getting the money, and the schools are not getting the money either. It is the top heavy administration that is not part of the teacher’s union and negotiates it’s own contracts that profits. Continue reading