United First Financial’s New Math (It’s Still Not Worth $3,500.)


Guest post by Craig Hansen

The fine folks at United First Financial (UFF) have come out with a new version of their Money Merge Account (MMA). It’s version 4, and it’s marketed as something that uses… factorial math! And promoters are saying the software does over 3 million calculations each time you use it to analyze a purchase.

Consumers are being tricked into thinking UFF has a magic bullet, and are plunking down $3,500 for the “chance” to use the software! Continue reading

United First Financial Lies: You Can Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster With No Change in Spending


Probably the biggest single lie told by United First Financial “agents” is that you can pay off your mortgage faster than scheduled, with no change in your spending or lifestyle. That sounds too good to be true, because it is.

Simple math debunks this claim. Think about it. If you’re currently paying $1,500 a month on your mortgage and you’re scheduled to have it paid off in 30 years, how would you pay it off earlier? The only possible way to do that is to pay more than $1,500, right? Continue reading