Usana insider says Tim Ramey is a distributor


Can an analyst covering Usana Health Sciences really provide an independent analysis of the company if he is a distributor? Tim Ramey covers Usana for DA Davidson. Isn’t it kind of weird to cover the company and to be a distributor? And at the very least, wouldn’t this be an important disclosure to make before recommending a “buy” on Usana stock?

From the insider on the Yahoo message board: Continue reading

An Interesting Commentary on Usana Health Sciences


A poster on the Yahoo message board for Usana Health Sciences provided this interesting analysis early this morning. I am putting in bold the most interesting parts….

Here is why I hope the “insider” is right that others are beginning to come forward: the company has been left with almost no assets after years of operations.

In many corporations, the stock of a company represents the value of the buildings, some patents, investments, etc. In Usana’s case, a lot of cash has come in the door. I’ll give them that. They know how to do this thing right, as Len would have the AG saying. Continue reading

Latest Usana Insider Post on the Yahoo Message Boards


This is the most recent in a series of posts from a Usana Health Sciences insider who has offering some very interesting information.

The break was needed to prove to myself that I have not become the person I hate. If I am posting for attention and ego I am no better than others I despise. One day I hope my family will understand. I do not expect them to. Staying off the posting for a time made me self examine motives. You did not receive the referral by accident as .cross lining. is prohibited. Other.s will follow. Look up what cross lining means and you will know I sent it. Continue reading