WorldVentures Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit


Back in May, a class action lawsuit was filed against multi-level marketing company WorldVentures. This is the travel MLM that encourages distributors to share photos of themselves holding signs saying “You Should Be Here.”  It is marketed as a direct sales travel club, yet the “start a business” part of their website doesn’t even mention what you will be selling or doing. The World Ventures compensation plan mentions making money from selling products and from recruiting others, yet the entire document speaks only to the money that is made from enrolling new distributors (called enrolling new product customers). Making money from selling something seems to be wholly disregarded.

It’s not surprising then, that the lawsuit filed against WorldVentures by Melody Yiru accuses the company of being an endless chain recruitment scheme that is prohibited under California law. The lawsuit says, among other things:

  • WorldVentures rewards recruiting over sales of travel packages
  • The company is nothing more than a site that compiles travel package plans from other sites, with prices in excess of popular travel websites like Expedia and Travelocity
  • 99.7% of World Ventures distributors have average gross revenues (before business expenses) of $140 and average net losses of over $1,000 per year
  • The company has been banned from doing business in Norway because it’s an illegal pyramid scheme
  • Money is paid out based on the recruitment of people and the purchasing of memberships, not on the sale of travel
  • World Ventures is compared to YTB, another travel MLM that what shut down after being deemed a pyramid scheme
  • The company’s income disclosure statement is misleading and confusing, attempting to make people believe more people make money than actually do
  • If you combine all the “representative” levels on the income disclosure statement and include all the people who made zero commissions, the calculated average commission is $140, rather than the larger figures shown on the statement

The case was originally filed in California state court, but was then transferred to federal court in California. It was then transferred to federal court in Texas. This will be an interesting one to follow!

16 thoughts on “WorldVentures Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit

  1. Brenda McWilliams

    I was in World Ventures in which I had paid almost $600 to join for the business and travel part of the business and was charge $29 a mo for the travel site and $99 a mo for the business site for over a year by World Ventures if you did not recruit a least 4 people a month which became very costly and I loss a lot of money being in the company. Also every time I wanted to use time what little money that was in my travel account to take a trip when I wanted to I could not for the dates was always black out where you could not travel on those days. It is truly a pyramid scheme and I feel like I was scam being in this business. I would like to be a part of the law suit that I am just now hearing about.

  2. Jasmine Carter

    Hi Brenda….I am a little confused on the charges you are saying you paid. I just actually signed up with company as a “representative” and “member” and ONLY paid $520, then each month, will cost me $120($20 to be a rep and $99 for membership)…Business side does not even offer a $99/monthly cost. They say you get 4(same membership you have) pay no more. If you don’t get 4, not sure why its the company fault…i’m a little lost. I have not paid for my membership for over 6 months now because my fees are waived based on the effort I put in sharing with others. What you described above does not fall in “pyramid scheme” guidelines. But interesting article…good entertainment. With the “transferring” of case along, indicates Melody Yiru is reaching and has no case. Have a great New Years all

  3. Tracy Coenen

    Jasmine – The transferring of the case has nothing to do with whether or not they have no case. It is all about jurisdiction and where the case should be heard.

  4. Ntombi Nkosi

    I fully agree with Jasmine. WV is indeed a pyramid scheme. they scheme poor people out of their money. they are cruel I would like to be part of that lawsuit as well. I have been asking them for a refund to no avail. I was told I don’t need to pay a monthly fee as I was only interested on the business side. to my surprise I was alerted by the bank that world ventures tried to withdraw an amount of R860…from my account. World Ventures Its a pyramid scheme of note and may god deal with them harshly

  5. Tracy Coenen

    To be part of the lawsuit, you would have to contact the attorneys. I have nothing to do with the lawsuit. I am only reporting on it.

  6. Emma

    World ventures is a predatory MLM company that rely on monthly ‘memebership fee’s’.

    You will never make a satisfactory or livable income by selling their products.
    You are there to recruit others into the pyramid.

    The training teaches members to pray on close relationships and use non-transparent and manipulative tactics to make sales.

    World Ventures or World Vultures? I hope this class action suit makes a difference and shuts down this horrid company.

  7. Yudith21

    wow!! How would i start? it all started when two friends invited me to a presentation as i walked in, i met friendly and so many happy people. Then the presentation started and videos of people having fun and going to differe places. So after the presentation was over i signed up, and then it all began: i started meeting with friends sharing it with them, some were interested but never signed up and some were not. Here i was paying a monthly fee and the few trips i tried to go, were sold out by the time i tried to purchase them. After four months or so i got tired and decided to sign out which was an all isssue, i lost friendships and they made it seen like i was crazy and didnt know what i was crazy and didnt know what i was doing. Its a scam . i like helping people and my cousin is the party animal. We went to two different presentations and i asked her what was hers about she said it was videos of people going from parties to parties in different parts of the world while mine was about different charities you can do when you travel. They try to get you. Its a scam please dont sign on

  8. Marian Dumitrescu

    I am paying $100/ month for platinum membership and I can use only 300 points=$300 until my full year membership anniversary [two more months] . With each Dream Vacantion I can use only a fraction of my points and I have to book for two people in order to get the showing [advertising] price ,otherwise is lot more expensive [double the money] resulting in a very expensive trip,lot more expensive than the same trip bought with different travel websites. IT IS A BIG SCHEME!!!

  9. Vincent

    You people are something else. It is a SCAM. Just like all the other “GET RICH FAST” pyramids out there. It is so frigin sad that people get caught up in this madness, because they want to get rich… “FAST!”

  10. Amy C

    I loathe this company. I just logged into my account showing I had 835 points. I logged back in later the same night and my balance showed 635 points!!! Where the hell did 200 of my points go? They just vanished into thin air? I can’t cancel my membership quick enough!

  11. Sonja

    WOW…I have been a member of WV for 9 years! I love the people, the culture, and the trips!!

    First, we get paid on the sale of a membership! Not for recruiting people…that’s where it would be illegal! If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, simply make 4 sales…not a month!

    When I buy something, I use it! If you can’t figure it out…there are people to help you! I always sit with my friends to help them understand what tgey just purchased. If I can get them to use their points immediately, the company gives them more back (for FREE) so they can book another trip!!

    It’s not WVs fault if you don’t use your membership!

  12. ive

    All of you complaining about world ventures and that it’s scam clearly shows how much you know about the business and business in general. World ventures is work just like any other job. It’s a business like any other business. My testimony in world ventures is that I’ve been paid over 500 when I made my 6 personal sales and also continue to get paid weekly and monthly. So wake up folks, it’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s network marketing so learn the industry and stop complaining because your not getting results. Work in your small minded selves and then maybe the business will work for you

  13. Tracy Coenen

    Sonja – “Sale of a membership” is RECRUITING.

    Ive – MLM is not a business. It’s a recruiting pyramid scheme. Your “6 personal sales” is exactly the recruiting scheme that we’re talking about.

  14. Evie

    Hi I was invited by a work colleague to a presentation tonight and like Yudith21 said everyone was happy and smiling like they were on drugs or something and then the presentation started and asking for money and straight away I knew it was pyramid scheme and said that to the person who invited me and asked her who else she had recruited and she said mainly her family and I thought omg these poor people are really being scammed out of their hard working money by the rich as people at the top of the pyramid also I noted the majority of the people in the room were low income ethnic people that work very hard for their money very sad. I wondered how many of them really go on these amazing holidays.

  15. Jason

    I was looking to write a review for these rip off artists!!! but found this read!!! yay. I want to be apart of this suit. I can’t get a follow up from anyone regarding a refund. Total Bait and Switch.

    Jason Green

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