The day has gotten away from me, so it’s time for one of those cop-out posts where I tell you what I’m writing about elsewhere. I hope to get back here later today or sometime tomorrow with some original content. I’m actually looking forward to addressing a question posed to me last week by Dennis Howlett, about audit effectiveness and options to audits. As you can imagine, I’ve got some strong opinions (really?) and I love to hear his and Francine’s take on those opinions.

But for now… today on WalletPop, I wrote about…

To hire or not to hire – Deciding if and when to hire employees for your small business

Does advertising really work on consumers? – Lots of money is spent on not-so-memorable television advertising. Is it worth it?

Stocks and Investing: The sky is falling!…or is it really? – My take on all the cries of “recession” and “inflation,” and what those with stock market investments should not do right now.

Symphony DVD Micro Music System for iPod, $107 – A little dock for your iPod to turn it into a home system. Not the greatest quality, but seems worth the price.

Tax Tips: What’s the story on Capital Gains? – A little primer on short and long term capital gains and how to make them work for you at tax time.

Millionaires beware: More IRS audits for you – More audits are on the horizon, especially if you make more than a million dollars a year.

You can own a yacht! Yes, you! – “Fractional ownership” gives people the chance to own a piece of a yacht, a jet, a mansion, and more.

And a couple from yesterday…

Layoff in your future? Plan now. – Some tips for preparing ahead of time for a layoff that you hope never happens.

You have to work for your money! – A company pays a guy for almost five years. He was never their employee. And he kept the money.

Get $25 or more from the Currency Conversion Fee settlement – If you travel over sees, you may be entitled to part of a class action settlement with the credit card companies.

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