I promise this will be my last post for today on United First Financial. The more research I do, the more I think this company’s program sucks. Those who promote it suck. And those who participate… they’re suckers.

So here’s how my plan works, and I’m giving you this for free! I’m using a $200,000 mortgage with an 6.5% interest rate for 30 years.

First, take the $3,500 you were going to pay to United First Financial, and apply it to the principal of your mortgage immediately. This saves you $19,714 over the life of your mortgage, and ends your payments 19 months early.

Next, add $100 to each monthly mortgage payment for the life of the loan. Just $100 extra per month. If you do that along with the $3,500 you applied in the beginning, you will pay off your mortgage 79 months early. Yes, that’s six-and-a-half years early. And you’ll save a total of $68,504 in interest by doing both of these things. Not a bad deal, is it? And I just told you that for free.

And just to make this example even more useful… suppose that after being on this plan for three years, you were able to apply an extra $500 per month (instead of the $100) to your mortgage. (This, of course, is the result of you doing a better job of managing your money and getting rid of other debts that are sucking the life out of your bank account.)

If you did that, you’d be done paying your mortgage 169 months early. Yes, that’s over 14 years early. And you save yourself over $129,000 in interest by doing this.

It’s easy to run the numbers and see how quickly you could pay off your mortgage and how much money you will save. It’s much harder to actually be disciplined and do what it takes to achieve those savings. But you don’t need a $3,500 piece of software to to that.

Did I already say that? Yes. Multiple times today.

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  1. Pam B 03/15/2019 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    Thank You! Someone just recommended the UFF program to me (I did not know there was a $3,500 fee involved in the program) and for some weird reason, I decided to come on the Dave Ramsey website for the first time ever. I was actually looking for a calculator to try and run the numbers and came across your articles! Thank you so much. I am currently paying an extra $100 a month because our mortgage company will not allow the bi-weekly payments, this ultimately does the same the thing. Anyhow, I just added $3,500 as a principal payment on my mortgage. 🙂

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