In the game of “where does our money go,” I think these numbers are very important. I wonder if other school districts waste money as well as Milwaukee Public Schools?

For the 2007-2008 school year, MPS reports the following:

87,360 students

Budget = Almost $1.2 billion ($13,673 per child)

14,449 staff positions – 281 principals, 5,694 teachers, 503 teacher aides, 207 guidance/psychological, 415 service workers, 529 clerical/secretarial

207 schools – 124 elementary, 17 middle, 55 high school, 11 combined

87.7% attendance rate

68% graduation rate

24% suspension rate

2006 test results:
Grade 4 – 62% proficient in reading, 52% proficient in math
Grade 8 – 62% proficient in reading, 40% proficient in math
Grade 10 – 39% proficient in reading, 29% proficient in math

And what has the budget looked like over the years?

2002 – $1.026 billion
2003 – $1.145 billion (11.57% increase)
2004 – $1.172 billion (2.34% increase)
2005 – $1.139 billion (2.81% decrease)
2006 – $1.161 billion (1.92% increase)
2007 – $1.167 billion (0.47% increase)
2008 – $1.194 billion (2.38% increase)

Something tells me that with less than 1/2 of our 10th graders able to read and less than 1/3 of our 10th graders able to do math, we’re not getting our money’s worth.


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  2. […] We’ve been led to believe “it’s for the children.” No, it’s not. It’s for the employees, both unionized employees and administration. We’ve been fed the lie that more money equals better education. MPS has clearly demonstrated that’s not the case, wasting more than $14,000 per child per school year and still having a large percentage of children who can’t read or do math. […]

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  7. Fraud Files Blog 06/21/2012 at 1:21 pm - Reply

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