6 thoughts on “The United First Financial Limited Guarantee

  1. Gfunk 3000

    OK it’s obvious that you have not communicated with anyone in the UFF company for any type of solid information. Let’s get down to brass tax. Front end loaded mortgages are how mortgage brokers make money. Right? Looking at my mortgage statement I’m paying 3/4 to interest and 1/4 to principle. That ratio is not going to come to my side of the equation until about 20 years into the mortgage. Your spread sheet will take up all of my time and most likely cause me a headache as well as financial hardship because you cannot compute, calculate or guide me in any of the equations that will get me to zero in the fastest time. This software does for about 15-20 minutes a week. I would ask you to contact UFF and get some hard info because right now you sound really ignorant about the whole issue.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    Brass tax? Brass tax??? Oh my goodness.

    Obviously you’re not in a position to understand how any of this works, which is why you can’t grasp how a spreadsheet (or even better, none at all) would work for you.

    Do you really not understand what you’ve been sold? You’ve been sold a program that tells you to take all your extra cash at the end of the month and send it to your mortgage company. Except you have to pay $3,500 for that advice, and I’ve just given it to you for free. Plus, the software will tell you to make some money shuffles. All I’m telling you to do is write one extra check (at most) each month.

    They got you good on this one!

  3. Craig Hansen

    LMAO at “Brass tax”. That’s classic.

    In this time of high mineral prices, I believe a “brass tax” would be detrimental to the economy. lol

    GFunk3000 and bruce, my challenge is the same to every self-assured UFirst agent – show us the math. Show us how the MMA transfers “cancel” interest. They don’t, but you won’t listen to me, so it will be more effective if you discover it yourself.

    As for the 15-20 minutes per week spent on the MMA, you can beat it with one simple calculation per month with a simple DIY approach of Income minus Expenses equals Prepayment amount. Easier still, take your ending checking account balance, subtract your minimum acceptable balance, and that’s what you add to your mortgage payment.

    And it will beat the MMA every time.

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