4 thoughts on “United First Financial Broker Numbers and Earnings

  1. Craig Hansen

    This list checks out against every agent name and number I’ve seen. That UFirst has sold approximately only twice the number of accounts as the number of agents recruited, and have failed to make any headway in mainstream reviews (outside of mini-publications like “True Wealth”), shows just how poor the product really is. Half the clients are bilked of $3500, plus $175 to become agents themselves. A good number are then hit up for $300 for a years hosting of their UFirst-branded website, and they’ll be lucky to make a single sale.

    For a system that supposedly helps you get out of debt, it is much better at digging you a deeper hole.

  2. this list has agents only, not clients. If each agent has 1 client (themselves) and maybe sells one account to one person, that means there is more than 100,000 clients using the Money Merge account.

  3. Craig Hansen

    From what I understand, you’re not off by an order of magnitude, but you’re probably a little high. You don’t need to buy the MMA to sell it, and many agents I’ve come across are too smart to buy it, but just devious enough to sell it.

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