uffNot many people, that’s for sure. As with any multi-level marketing company, a tiny fraction of people at the very top of the recruiting pyramid make some money, and everyone else makes little to nothing.

Here are the numbers posted on a UFF agent’s website in August 2008 (click to see full size):

uffagentsWhat, exactly, do these numbers tell us? That like any other ordinary multi-level marketing company, almost no one can make a living doing it. Oh, there are plenty of promises of “financial freedom” and making gobs of money and supporting your family while working for yourself… But the reality is that almost no one does so.

In the case of UFF, they have something along the lines of 60,000 agents that have signed up since the beginning. Only “active” agents are included in the above figures, and “active” means that the agent has sold at least one software subscription in the last 12 months. How many of the 60,000 are active? Certainly less than all. But for the sake of argument, we’ll pretend they’re all active (since the Money Merge Account is such a great product, and all).

The top 0.85% of agents (less than 1%) would amount to 510 people. They are paid gross commissions of an average of $15,304 a month. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Except there are another 59,268 agents who are paid gross commissions of an average of $775 a month. Can you support your family on $775 a month? Does that sound like financial freedom? Because you have a 99% chance of only making $775 a month.

But wait! That’s just an average, right? Well even the highest level of agents in that group of 59,268 are only earning $3,274 a month gross commissions. That might be a fine income for some, but for many, it sure doesn’t sound like “financial freedom.”

United First Financial is selling a substandard product, with false dreams of financial stability and freedom. Did the agent trying to recruit you tell you that you have a less than 1% chance of earning a decent income with the company?


  1. Late2Game 12/17/2008 at 10:20 pm - Reply

    The top tier, Senior Executive Branch Manager, is only 0.11% of the “Active” agents (1 sale in a year). From what I have found on the web, I count 13, maybe 15 individuals that are at this level. That would put the “Active” number quite lower. Even if there are 20, that is still shy of the 59,700 total you posted earlier. That’s a lot of agents who have either given up within the last year, or never made a sale.

    Also, from what I’ve read in agent newsletters, they have been “encouraging” agents who haven’t purchased the program for themselves to do so.

    “The number one key to success in this business is to own and use the Money Merge Account program yourself. Nothing else you can possibly do will create more passion, excitement, and focus than to be on the program yourself.” -Lynn D. Spencer #825960 (Sr. Exec. Br. Manager, >$1,000,000 income/yr)

    Definitely the number one thing for HIS success, with as many agents in his downline as he has…


  2. moe 01/14/2009 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Ah yes! Good stuff here again! Anyone can make themselves rich with a spreadsheet… I have done it multiple times with various legitimate non-mlm type of business plans. What bothers me most is that every single MLM opportunity is marketed like it is the very last opportunity on earth…. the time has come they say! Nor you will never see anything like this again! Unbelievable…

  3. ArroganceRules 02/22/2009 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Been in UFIRST 3 years and love the company. I’ve doubled my UFIRST income every year and the owners of this company have a lot of integrity. I’ve only worked for 2 other companies in my life that I loved as much as I love this one.

    Sure the averages on income look low… but there are a lot of agents that are agents because they simply brought the program on board as part of their financial planning, mortgage or real estate business. They are not full time.

    Also… UFIRST has never “purged” anyone out of their system. So anyone that joined, but quit, is still in there pulling the averages down.

    As for $500 a month… who cares if you are making $500 a month if it only takes you 15 minutes to do it? I have agents in my team that only REFER business and they still get 50% of the commission for doing that. One of my agents made $1000 in Dec because they emailed me information for a couple of clients that were interested in learning more. $1000 for probably 10 minutes of conversation and the time to send an email?

    Everything is determined by what you put into it. I’ve been full time for 2 years now and work about 20-30 hours a week. I make more than I have ever made at a “real job.”

    Also.. considering that there is only a one time cost of $175 to be an agent, and no mandatory monthly fees or expenses (they provide all training and most marketing tools are online), it is certainly one of the cheapest businesses you can get into.

    American’s are way over their head in debt and need a better way. Obviously whatever we have been doing so far is not working. UFirst clients have a great track record of success with both sticking to the program, and getting better results than they expected.

  4. Late2Game 06/26/2009 at 10:40 am - Reply


    >>Been in UFIRST 3 years and love the company. I’ve doubled my UFIRST income every year…
    >>I make more than I have ever made at a “real job.”

    There’s a reasone you “love” the company and make more than most. You got in early. Feb 06 (or thereabouts) puts you as one of the very earliest. And your income has doubled due to the MLM aspect.

    And yet even the fact that 99% of the agent signups will not make more than $775 a month does not stop all the upper level agents from promoting “financial freedom” with power points of potential income figures, or pictures of themselves next to shiny German import cars.

    Not only are they selling an inefficient product, but false dreams as well.

  5. Pat 02/04/2010 at 5:54 am - Reply

    You need to go lookat the “NEW” chart and see what is in there now. WOW!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sandy 02/05/2010 at 7:14 am - Reply

    It’s very frustrating to see agents bragging about how much money they are making. That’s MY money that they are bragging about pocketing. These agents are making this income from real people like me who DO have real jobs. If agents are so successful, then I say they all chip in and give me a refund.

  7. Craig Hansen 02/06/2010 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    It’s not that people are making money – it’s that they’re making money selling a scam. I don’t begrudge people making a good living, but if what you are marketing isn’t doing what the person who bought it thought it should do, that’s when most of us have a problem.

    Unless you’re a UFirst agent. Then you have no morals, and you can’t see the problem.

  8. Sandy 02/06/2010 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Good point. If the program actually worked as promised, then I would be all for agents selling it and I’d be telling my friends all about it. But now I see what it really does, which is nothing. And I see how UFF operates, and makes sure you have no paper trail to prove any issues that come up. There’s no way I would recommend this to a friend. So I don’t like seeing agents bragging about how much money they have when I know they got it from people like me.

  9. Martina 03/03/2010 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    you are correct, MMA Expert Sandy,

    thanks for warning everyone about that SCAM. Would you also please contact Ernst and Young (the 3rd largest CPA firm in the world) that they must have made a HUGE mistake during their investigation of United First Financial over a period of about nine months. Because they obviously must have been fooled so good by UFF because in 2008 they awarded their prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” to a company selling a Scam….

    In thanks for your advise, let me warn you about some other SCAMS out there, the GPS. It is in my car, but that damn thing just doesn’t work. My car does not move a bid with that thing in the windshield. Another thing, my treadmill I just got. It also doesn’t work. I was promised to become so slim and fit. Now for the past two months I kept ignoring it e v e r y s i n g l e n i g h t and I just can’t loose a single darn gram of weight. …..

    Scam YOU, you expert . Claim the network marketing on the inability to make any income. If you do not work the business, even at any other j.o.b. you would also not get paid….

    Last question to you , Sandy Expert: how long have you been using the program? Not sure why yours doesn’t work, I can generate a paper trail with mine any time I like to. And if you are not savvy enough, you could ask any of the Customer reps to help you with that.
    Ahh , I get it, you even don’t know how to use a phone.

  10. Tracy Coenen 03/04/2010 at 8:40 am - Reply

    E&Y did not investigate UFF, they were simply sponsors of an award program.

    UFF MMA is not like GPS or a treadmill. MMA actually leaves customers WORSE OFF If they use it, eating up a bunch of time unnecessarily, but more importantly putting them further in the hole financially. And did I mention that UFF agents are selling MMA by lying about the product?

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