Many times truth is stranger than fiction. And today I spent a couple of hours reading a story of terrorism – – not just the bombing kind (see the story of Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber here), but also the kind that aims to destroy someone personally – – and have come to respect Aaron Walker, a man I will likely never meet.

I found the story of Aaron Worthing via Ken at Popehat, who wrote Chilling Tales of Crazy/Evil. Aaron Worthington is the pseudonym of Aaron Walker, who blogged (anonymously, for a while) at Allergic to Bull and wrote a novel called Archangel: A Novel of Alternate, Recent History.

This story interests me simply from a First Amendment standpoint. I have been sued and pursued legally several times for criticism of large companies that has appeared on this blog. I have been winning, but there is a financial and emotional cost to the process. These companies want to shut me up – – to make me stop expressing my low opinions of their business practices and tactics – – and they have huge financial resources with which to do it. They have falsely accused me of wrongdoing, and they are trying to bankrupt me via the courts. So this issue is near and dear to my heart.

Brett Kimberlin, Convicted and Sentenced to Prison for Speedway Bombings

I’m not suggesting this case is simply a First Amendment issue. It goes much, much deeper than that, to the point that Mr. Walker feared (and probably still fears) for his life. Mr. Walker summarizes his horrifying tale thusly:

Regular readers of this site know that for some time the convicted domestic terrorist known as Brett Kimberlin has been harassing me.  He did this because I dared to offer a bit of light, free legal help to a man he was suing named Seth Allen and then as he came after me, I told the truth about his deplorable criminal background and the fact he lied under oath in a hearing on November 14, 2011 and recommended that he be charged with perjury.  (If you didn’t know, you can catch up on the story, by using this link.)  And for a while I have been silent about the saga, so that maybe you thought he had moved on and had chosen to leave me alone.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Starting on January 9, 2012, Brett Kimberlin actually attempted to frame me for a crime.  He falsely accused me of essentially beating him up inside the courthouse for the Montgomery County Circuit Court, in Rockville, Maryland.  He has claimed at different times that I decked him, that I struck him three times, that I wrestled with him, that I pushed him, that courtroom staff separated us, that the sheriff’s deputies separated us, and that even after the deputies arrived that I kept coming at him repeatedly and had to be restrained.

What didn’t occur to him was that there was a security camera that captured what really happened in the courthouse that day.  I have the footage and I have included it in a long post that tells the whole story of how I came to be there that day and what really happened.  You will read with your own eyes the transcripts and documents in which he claimed I beat him up, and then you will see the footage that proves that this was a fabrication.

The story is broken down into eight parts and it starts here. It’s a long read, but definitely worth it. I’d call the story “incredible,” except it really happened, and Aaron’s words are definitely credible, as supported by mountains of documentation and even video evidence (see YouTube video of Aaron Walker and Brett Kimberlin here).The way to stop people like this is by publicizing their bad acts. We need to shout from the rooftops about this type of terrorism, so that these guys cannot hide from the truth. Every time they threaten someone, we need to let the world know about it so that other victims and potential victims will know that they are not alone. We cannot let criminals like Brett Kimberlin operate in the dark of night. A very bright light needs to be shined on their actions, so that citizens and law enforcement will know the whole truth about their motives and methods.

If you can, please offer some support to Aaron Walker. He tells you exactly how to help here.

Additional reading on this story, Brett Kimberlin, and his non-profit Justice Through Music Project found here:


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