Last year, infamous “MLM Lawyer” Kevin Grimes was sued by the receiver in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme case. The gist of the suit was that Grimes knew or should have known that Zeek Rewards “…was perpetrating an unlawful scheme which involved a pyramid scheme, an unregistered investment contract and/or a Ponzi scheme.” The lawsuit alleged that Kevin Grimes and his firm Grimes & Reese PLLC  (that firm is now R&R Law Group, while Grimes has joined the scumbag MLM attorneys at Thompson & Burton) knew that ZeekRewards was perpetrating a Ponzi scheme and provided the company with a bogus “compliance program” meant to make the company look legitimate.

The case has been settled, and Grimes will pay $1.175 to the receiver. Via Patrick Pretty:

On June 2, the sum became known: $1.175 million. How the figure was arrived at was not immediately clear. The number, however, appears to absorb the entire $843,000 Grimes and MLM Compliance allegedly received through sales of the compliance course alleged to be bogus. It also appears to erase virtually all of the $342,510 Grimes and MLM Compliance allegedly received via a “rushed” check in Zeek’s closing days and hours.

As part of the settlement agreement docketed June 3, Grimes and the other defendants “do not admit to any wrongdoing or liability to the Receiver and the Receiver does not admit that the Defendants should be exonerated from liability for the wrongdoing alleged by the Receiver in the Grimes lawsuit.”

I have to wonder when these “MLM attorneys” will stop trying to hide the truth of MLM… that multi-level marketing (or network marketing or referral marketing or direct selling or any other name which attempts to hide the truth) is nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme. These attorneys advise companies on how to set themselves up so as to appear to not be pyramid schemes. I can only hope that more suits will be brought against the attorneys who help multi-level marketing schemes to scam consumers out of billions of dollars.

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