Optavia Income Disclosure Statements

Optavia is the multi-level marketing arm of Medifast that was previously called Take Shape For Life. The rebranding of the MLM portion fo the company ocurred in 2017. Optavio features ultra-low calorie diets built around powdered foods. The company has been accused of being an endless chain recruitment scheme, and there is an ongoing fierce debate over whether Medifast is offering a pyramid scheme to its health coaches. I

If you have any income disclosure statements to add to the above, please send them to the email address on my Contact page.


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  2. Tracy Coenen

    Jeff – What is your point? Multi-level marketing is not a business: http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2015/03/multi-level-marketing-is-not-a-business-its-a-pyramid-scheme/

    Conning people into signing up to become a distributor for an MLM is not a job. Conning people into buying MLM products with half truths and outright false information is not a job.

    So I don’t believe that MLM participants should get paid, but even if they should, these income disclosures prove that almost no one is making money.

    Why are you concerned about my earnings? I provide actual services to actual customers, and yes, I get paid for that. That’s called a real business and an honorable living. Why is how much I make a concern of yours?

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