Serial charlatan Kevin Trudeau is up to his old tricks. Despite being caught by regulators violating consumer protection laws many times… despite being fined and sanctioned multiple times…. despite repeated violations of injunctions and orders….. Kevin Trudeau continuously invents new ways to avoid the long arm of the law.

Kevin Trudeau just filed for bankruptcy protection. And wouldn’t you know it, his lawyers say that the bankruptcy filing means the government can’t enforce an order that he pay a $37 million fine and that sanctions for non-payment cannot occur.

From a previous article about the Kevin Trudeau shenanigans:

Despite all this, Kevin Trudeau is a victim of the government, according to him. The government is going after Trudeau for failing to pay the $37 million he owes. But Trudeau claims he doesn’t have the money! The government goes to great lengths to describe how Trudeau has hidden and moved his assets in order to avoid paying this judgment.  They say he hasn’t even tried to pay what he owes. Rather, he has been putting assets into his wife’s name, spending lavishly (while claiming that these expenditures are business expenses), and setting up an offshore trust to hold his assets.

Trudeau’s lawyers have cleverly alerted the government to the bankruptcy situation, claiming:

The bankruptcy filing invokes an automatic stay pursuant to 11 USC § 362(a), which precludes any creditor or any other party from initiating or continuing further legal proceedings against the Defendant… A bankruptcy filing should automatically stay a pending civil contempt motion… Mr. Trudeau could not act independently of the bankruptcy trustee to satisfy the FTC’s civil judgment even if he had the money to do so (he does not).

So if all else fails, and the government does not believe that you are broke, then file bankruptcy and hope that the government will be forced to stop the contempt proceedings.

I have no doubt that this has been part of Trudeau’s master plan all along. He could win twice: he could screw legitimate creditors using the bankruptcy process, and he could avoid penalties like imprisonment for failing to abide by orders in other matters.


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