johnny-degirolamoJohn G. DeGirolamo, founder of The Law Offices Of John DeGirolamo, Esq., uses the tagline “In Law We Trust.”  The firm’s website says:

Having spent two years at the firm, it became clear to John that he missed the criminal law that he spent his college and law school careers studying.

His affinity for criminal law during college and law school is well-documented. At the right are three mugshots of John G. DeGirolamo (click on any of them to see them full size). His arrests and/or cases include these in Hillsborough County, Florida:

  • john-degirolamo12/8/02 – Battery
  • 12/10/02 – Criminal Mischief $200 or Less
  • 9/8/04 – Obstructing an Officer, Theft ($100 or less)
  • 1/27/06 – Ran Stop Sign
  • 3/26/08 – Possession of Open Container

In Miami-Dade County, Johnny G. DeGirolamo had the following:

  • 11/5/06 – Disorderly Intoxication, Trespassing After Warning

johnny-g-degirolamo-esq And in Orange County, John DeGirolamo got the following:

  • 10/19/06 – Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
  • 11/3/08 – Petit Theft (Criminal Felony)

Of course, the most interesting of the above cases is the felony theft in November 2008. Johnny was nearing his 2009 graduation from law school when this unfortunate incident occurred. He had adjudication withheld on 3/16/09, and was sentenced to 2 days in jail (time served), 12 months of probation,  50 hours of community service, and completion of an”Impulse Control Seminar.” On 4/28/09 the final disposition was modified to show that DiGirolamo was eligible for early termination of probation after 6 months if all other terms and conditions were completed and he had no violations. On 11/09/09, probation was terminated.  At some point, the record was changed to reflect 2 misdemeanor counts of theft, rather than 2 felony counts.

It is also interesting that DeGirolamo calls himself an “associate attorney” at Butler & Hosch from 2009 to 2011, but wasn’t actually admitted to the Florida Bar until 5/27/11.

Rumor has it that companies hire attorneys like John DiGirolamo to litigate for them at the handsome sum of less than $40 per hour. And ladies….. this fine, upstanding, successful attorney could be all yours!


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  3. Sheldon 05/27/2018 at 9:22 am - Reply

    I paid you $1,750, and after you disrespected me 5 days later, I demanded a full refund. You take people money and then treat them very condescendingly. You openly admitted you’ve done nothing on my case, so what entitles you to keep my money? That’s theft. And instead of doing the right thing and giving me my money back (after offering NO services) your going to attempt to justify your actions with a rude or arrogant reply. It’s a simple “conflict of character “ and I rather not use you. That’s my entitlement along with the refund of my money. I thought your reviews to be legit, but after dealing with you for only a week I now know they are “spoofed” at best, that’s so fraudulent. Speaks volumes for your character. I filed a complaint with the Florida bar and it’s being reviewed. I also contacted (40 under 40 association) which is only a “membership anyone can purchase “. After doing my own research on you I find you’ve not only been incarcerated but you also have mugshots on the internet where you’ve broken the law multiple times. Your integrity is highly questionable. A real man of good faith and character would return my money.

  4. alex h. 01/22/2019 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    John is a fine lawyer. He is in tight with the judges. That is why he told me the judge winked at him and that I should go along with my son’s mother’s demand to change my son’s name. He told me it would be a losing battle. Not once did he site case law or the abundance of cases supporting my position to keep my son’s name the way it is. I asked a friend of mine to look up the case law concerning this matter; and then 30 minutes later, I forwarded it to John. He withdrew from my case without the courtesy of even consulting me. And yes, he also kept my money; unearned money. I too filed a complaint with the Florida BAR. This sociopath created a false conflict between myself and one of his associates to cloud the issue of my mistreatment and his lack of legal knowledge and sited it in his response to my complaint. Shoot first and ask questions later. This guy is better off at the bottom of a river. How the BAR gave him a license after his criminal history is beyond me.

  5. Leisa 11/15/2021 at 9:30 am - Reply

    Thank you to everybody that has left post on this attorney. My husband has just retained him at the cost of $3500.00 to represent him in our divorce. I now know what type of divorce attorney I need to retain to go up against this ……..

    • Tracy Coenen 11/16/2021 at 7:02 pm - Reply

      Oh so now he’s a divorce attorney? He used to be a criminal attorney. I wonder how much he actually knows about divorce….

      • ANNA 12/04/2022 at 5:16 pm - Reply

        A top notch jerk ……. RUN FROM THIS FREAK

  6. Brooke G 11/17/2021 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Mr. DeGirolamo is currently representing a narcissistic, lying, p.o.s. who abused her own daughters and alienated them from their father for 7 years. This ought to be interesting….

  7. Tamara 09/09/2022 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    I wish I saw this before I hired him. I know lawyers aren’t known for being saints, but this guy is 1 of the most unpleasant, pretentious, and rude persons I’ve ever dealt with. It’s not that he’s assertive. He’s flat out nasty. He must be paying to suppress his negative reviews. As if divorce doesn’t suck already, having to deal with a completely pompous, arrogant, money grabbing and dishonest lawyer like John D is just the icing on a crap cake. A year ago, after calling around to different divorce attorney offices without much success, John immediately answered. (He’s not going to let money pass him by). I was in a horrible and vulnerable situation after my ex took our business and bled me financially dry and against my better judgement, went with John since he was prompt, had surprisingly decent reviews and he talked a good game like he could somehow help me.
    I’ve now had to write a complaint to the bar and make the decision to terminate his “legal services” after $5600 and a year of trying to achieve a divorce with zero children or property involved because I cannot give another cent and minute of my life to this totally hubristic, and dishonest person. If you’re a woman in my situation, I implore you keep searching. He told me he markets to men because “men are stupid”. (I have that first conversation recorded John, so don’t try to deny it on here.) So basically, this guy will say whatever he has to in his initial phone call, and once he has your money, kiss the professionalism, any dignity, and very basic human etiquette skills goodbye. His attitude is so gross, I had to have family speak to him on my behalf, and they were also appalled at his ridiculously rude and defensive demeanor after pooling their savings together for his fees. He hung up on them and had the audacity to make an invoice to try and charge 30 min/$175 for that 9 min phone call and 1 text, and this was after 10 months and the $5600 we had already given this guy. (I have these records and 2 witnesses to that phone call John, since I know you will try to lie and rebut this to save face.) So if you do decide to go with John DeGirolamo for God knows why, make sure you keep every single phone and text record, and record every verbal conversation because after a year of experience with him, I can now say I don’t believe he is trustworthy with his records and withdrawals, he would only rudely contact me when the retainer, again, needed replenishment after several days of my emails being ignored, and straight up lied about recounts of his words he spoke and his abilities as a competent lawyer for my particular situation.

  8. Janie 05/02/2024 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    December, 2023

    It’s so interesting that when I first looked up this guy and saw his website & photo, I said “This guy looks like a criminal!”

    And discovering that he actually IS a criminal helps me to understand how he took $4,000 from my husbands son (actually my husbands money) and allowed my husband’s son to file divorce papers against ME (!), impersonating his father (they have the same first & last name). My husband was lying seriously ill in a hospital bed in Tampa at the time and knew nothing of what was happening (I don’t think). He not only took the money and filed the papers, but he filed them against my MAIDEN name! Upon looking at the “so called retainer” more carefully, it was clear to me that the many digital initials were not my husband’s, as I had been married to him for 21 years at that time and knew well what was his handwriting and what was not.

    When all this FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR ON BOTH PARTS came to my husband’s attention, he immediately instructed Mr. DeGirolamo to drop the case and requested a refund of the $4,000, but Mr. DeGirolamo agreed to only a $1,500 refund, which took a very lengthy time for us to receive.

    Of course, the real crime here was committed by my husband’s son…he took his father’s money from his account without asking, he hired an attorney without permission from his father, and he FRAUDULENTLY passed himself off as his father….so a THIEF and a FRAUD. I am presently working with the FL Bar regarding this incident, and I will be commenting further as the case goes forward.

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