Have you ever wanted or needed to do a background check on an owner or executive of a company? If you’re considering investing in a public or private company, you may want to find out information on the people who started the company, those who currently own it, and those who currently run it. Tracy talks about the types of information you may be able to find.

Personal information you may want to review:

  • Personal history, such as family members, marital status, etc.
  • Professional history
  • Ownership and affiliation with other companies (both past and present)
  • Compensation agreements

Other interesting things that can tell you something about the people you’re looking into:

  • If very little is found online about a key player, why is that the case?
  • Relationship with other companies, especially if multiple key player have affiliations (such as board memberships or family ties)
  • Political affiliations and contributions
  • Charitable activities
  • Criminal and civil court records, including bankruptcy filings
  • Arrest, incarceration, and sex offender databases

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