MLM Income Disclosure Statements

A collection of annual income disclosure statements published by multi-level marketing companies, continuously updated. Last updates done 08/02/20 to add new statements for Monat, Rodan & Fields and It Works.

Some MLMs release income disclosures or earnings disclosures. These numbers are not required to be disclosed in the United States, but some of the companies do it anyway to appear transparent. The disclosures theoretically provide insight into how much distributors earn in commissions or overrides, but they are generally worthless. They are worthless because of what they do not disclose.

Multilevel marketing companies purposely omit important information that would allow potential distributors or investors to have real insight into these plans. In general, earnings disclosure statements often fail to provide the following information that is critical to understanding the plans and the results:

  • Total distributors throughout the year
  • How the total distributor count is calculated (as of a certain date, using averages, or other methodology)
  • Number of new distributors during the year
  • Number of distributors who quit during the year (so you can calculate the churn rate)
  • Turnover rate
  • Number of distributors earning $0
  • Definition of “active” distributor
  • Total number of distributors at a supervisor or leader level (i.e. have recruited other distributors)
  • Total number of  “active” distributors at a supervisor or leader level
  • Amount of product purchased by each level of distributor for the year

Below are links to the earnings disclosures found for various multi-level marketing companies:

If you have any income disclosure statements for the above MLMs (or other major multilevel marketing companies), please send them to the email address on my Contact page.

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  1. Thanks, i found half of them on internet. but your site is a gift for italian debunkers working on false claims.
    MLM is expanding agressively in italy…so few of us worked hard to present what is the real earning opportunity and debunk false claims on products

  2. Thank you for these, I just discovered your website and will be looking through the whole thing. MLMs are JUST starting to take hold in some of the small Caribbean islands and my first question was: THIS is a pyramid scheme… if not, HOW is it not? I’ve gotten a lot of details since then and am also trying to get the message out. In case the person who commented above reads this… would I be able to find your research about the spread of MLMs in Italy online?? Would really appreciate it.

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