WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statements


World Ventures calls themselves a “home based direct selling travel club.”

If you have any income disclosure statements to add to the above, please send them to the email address on my Contact page.

11 thoughts on “WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statements

  1. RG

    So a few bloggers say its a scam… case closed… riiiight. Then when the companies try to defend themselves it’s called silencing the critics? These bloggers and “victims” are all misinformed and outright lie about the opportunity. It’s called misrepresentation and should be met with legal action. Just because network marketing isn’t taught in schools doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

  2. toolbelt

    based on the 2016 disclosure, 99% of all reps actually lost money, when factoring in sign up fees, training, etc.

  3. Angela

    Interesting WV hasnt disclosed 2017 Income Disclosure Statement . Also didn’t make 2018 DSN Global 100 list recently announced after sprouting all over the place they were 32 in 2016 and 25 in 2017. Anyone that knows anything about finance knows this is a huge red flag and trouble in paradise.

  4. Kevin

    WV ventures income for 2017 is estimated to have fallen close to 50% based on their overall 3 year income (2015-2017) listed on their website. This was done by subtracting the 2015 & 2016 revenues from the 3 year posted revenue.There are rumors of significant layoffs and resignation at their corporate office in Plano, TX. It was also rumored that WV have defaulted on paying their vendor partners and Sales Rep.

  5. Rob

    Kevin, those aren’t rumors. WV owes vendors at least $15 million and haven’t been paying reps since September of 2017. Go to for reviews from corporate personnel.

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