Send Out Cards Income Disclosure

Send Out Cards was established as a multi-level marketing company in 2005, offering “personalized” greeting cards.  Although the company offers an “income opportunity,” 72% of distributors earned zero commissions in 2011.

If you have any income disclosure statements to add to the above, please send them to the email address on my Contact page.


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  2. Robert Coyle

    The MLM industry offers solid, sound, exciting opportunity. The ONLY reason why so few . . . and I mean very Very VERY few earn a lot is poor TRAINING, NOT a lack of KNOWLEDGE which is EDUCATION . . . a lack of SKILLS which is TRAINING . . . as in PEOPLE SKILLS.

    At 77 years of age this fall, I plan to DO something about that. And by “do” I mean I plan to do Do DO!

    Sincerely, Robert L. (“Bob”) Coyle, an avid SendOutCards Marketing Distributor and very Very VERY proud of it!

  3. Robert Coyle

    Tracy, the essence of your conclusion is based on the word, “pyramid.”

    Spend time learning from Attorney Kevin Thompson ( to help clear up your thinking.

    Gifted business minds respect facts, not pot shots.

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