Xyngular Works: Losing Weight Fast!

Xyngular is a weight loss MLM (multi-level marketing) company which advertises quick, sustainable weight loss using their products. Last year I wrote a lengthy article about the Xyngular products, and I came to the conclusion that the products are dangerous, the diet is a fad diet (which is almost guaranteed to be unsustainable), and promoters like Jennifer McKinney (MckMama) lie to their potential customers and recruits.

I wanted to provide an update on the Xyngular and Ignite products. My stance hasn’t changed. If anything, I am even more strongly against the products after seeing the things I’m posting here.

Jennifer McKinney is most well known for being the mommy blogger MckMama, as well as for being a serial scammer. Her exploits include fraud on the United States Bankruptcy Court, allegedly stealing money from her mother-in-law, continuing to leave creditors unpaid, and lying about her weight loss in order to recruit people into Xyngular.

Most amusing are the lies about weight loss in order to peddle Xyngular products and recruit distributors into Xyngular. These pictures from 2013 are routinely used by Jennifer McKinney to show how much weight she lost with Xyngular. She claims weight loss of 80 pounds.



The problem is that MckMama NEVER actually looked like this. She used a few common tricks to appear thinner, and doctored the pictures to take the illusion even further.

And it doesn’t appear that she actually lost 80 pounds either, based on the numbers she was posting during the weight loss. While Jennifer McKinney originally DID lose about 43 pounds with Xyngular, she couldn’t keep the weight off. (And she did better losing weight WITHOUT Xyngular). Unfortunately, she still uses the skinny pictures to peddle the Xyngular dream. What does she really look like? The below pictures are quite informative:

MckMama is back at her original weight, despite still peddling Xyngular with claims of massive weight loss.
The picture on the left has been stretched to look thinner. Proof is in the forehead… see how long it is on the left.
A candid shot on the left, compared to a stretched image on the right.

Make no mistake, weight loss MLMs are generally scams. They make false claims about how well the products work (and often make claims about them being cures for all types of illnesses… and it is against the law in the U.S. to make medical claims like that). There is a method to the madness when peddling MLM opportunities and products, as you can see in this script and this script, which are to be used to market Xyngular on Facebook.

If you’re still not amused, maybe you will be entertained by the many domestic violence arrests of Jennifer McKinney and Israel McKinney? The fun never stops with Jennifer and Israel McKinney!

Special thanks to the authors and participants of mckfacts.com for most of the pictures!


  1. Suzy

    Tracy, how does she continue to get away with not paying her judgments? I wonder if any of her creditors have gotten any money from her. Can’t they get a chunk of those thank you payments from xyngular? Jennifer posted a 1099 implying that she received over $300,000 from xyngular last year.

    The IRS had some liens against The McKinneys. Is there a way to find out if the amount of unpaid taxes has decreased? It just seems so wrong for the McKs to get away with not paying their bills or their taxes and gloating about how much money she hauls in.

  2. Ms. Shea

    Jennifer’s actually in court this AM at 10’oclock — for her Criminal Hearing against her husband (Police Dash Cam Video posted at the MckFacts blog). Hopefully, she’ll continue to do what she’s always done when due in court, and skip out — that way, she’ll have a warrant out for her arrest. She’s always been able to game the system whether it was creditors, the IRS, unsuspecting landlords, business owners. But maybe this time, since it’s Criminal, she’ll get handed her backside on a platter. The fact that these two inbreds continue to collect victims like Monopoly money without being incarcerated or being forced to live in a one-bedroom roach-infested apartment with an air mattress and that’s it just baffles me to no end. They people and companies who have been harmed by their actions is just astonishing, really. But not as much as those who are loyal to her continous lies, her “Sheeple.” She is morbidly obese and selling diet pills to people who are quite comfortable overlooking that fact. Leaves me shaking my head every day.

  3. Tracy Coenen

    Suzy – I am not sure why her creditors are not pursuing her more heavily. She has income that they could and should garnish. There is no way to find out about the IRS stuff. The only thing we could see is another lien, or the release of prior liens.

  4. Nehi

    That summons to appear from her mother-in-law makes me so sad. I think she and Israel are completely void of conscience. Stealing from institutions is one thing, while still very wrong I suppose that could be justified by some stretch of the imagination. But stealing from family? From your own mother or from the woman who raised your “Prince Charming?” Your children’s grandmother? When you were always in a position to pay her back and then some? Continuing to spend irresponsibly knowing that she is now suffering and struggling financially? Hell is too good a place for these two scummy souls.

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