Examining MckMama’s Automobile Accidents

If you’re not interested in the saga of the bankruptcy fraud allegedly committed by Jennifer McKinney (blogger “MckMama”) and her husband Israel, skip this article. In the latest turn of events, MckMama has claimed to have two serious car accidents in the past 8 months that have landed her in the hospital. And oddly enough, both “accidents” occurred when MckMama was alone in the vehicle.

What’s curious about this is that MckMama, the woman who obsessively photographs everything about her life and posts oodles of pictures on the internet, never posted any pictures of her damaged vehicle. Two major accidents in 8 months, and no pictures to share with her loyal readers?

On February 6, 2012, the following was reported on McKinney’s blog:

This afternoon Jennifer was in a car accident. The children were not with her. She was injured and taken to a hospital. Jennifer suffered trauma to a few places on her body and has internal bleeding and may be going into surgery soon. Please pray for her.

A follow-up report stated:

Jennifer’s accident happened after and had nothing to do with her being stuck on the side of the road earlier in the day. The bleeding is now controlled and is believe to come from her kidney which was damaged in the accident. Her left side suffered trauma to her interal organs (spleen and bladder too). Her other injuries are less serious a bruised right leg and pelvis, bruising along her left arm and a general soreness all over that could be the body’s reaction today to all her adrenaline yesterday the doctor said. Thank you all for your concern and for praying. Jennifer will not need surgery, nothing appears to be so damaged as to require that. Right now she is still resting comfortably on pain medication trying to let her body heal. I don’t have more details of the accident or on her children and husband.

Curiously, this “accident” occurred on the same day Jennifer McKinney was supposed to be in bankruptcy court to answer questions about the bankruptcy filing. She was a no-show for that creditors meeting.

Despite this horrific accident, no pictures were ever shared. No pictures of the Yukon, the bruises, or anything related to the accident.

A little more than 8 months later, another mysterious “accident” was reported by Jennifer McKinney:

In Jennifer’s local newspaper, the following were reported for Thursday October 11:


3:09 p.m., vehicle crash with injuries, Bar and Moos roads

4:18 p.m., first responders, 5400 block of Innsbruck Road

Here is a map of the intersection of Bahr and Moos roads. The “A” is the approximate location of Jennifer’s house at W5441 Innsbruck Road.

So after all the windows were broken and top of the car was crushed, Jennifer went to her house and called an ambulance? Something doesn’t add up. (Are you surprised?)

A reader of this blog sent in some pictures, allegedly of the location of the alleged accident. I have no way of verifying where the pictures were taken, but the street sign appears to say Bahr Road, suggesting that this is indeed the location of the alleged accident. (Click on each picture to see it full size.)


I’ll let readers decide if they believe this is the location of the alleged accident. Look at these pictures and ask yourself if these are consistent with the serious type of accident that Jennifer reported to her readers. And again, why no pictures of the car or her injuries?

Something doesn’t add up here.


  1. Anon.

    What I don’t understand is how on accident #1 she went tumbling and was so bad that was bleeding internally with possible surgery but the SUV was OK. While in accident #2 she is fine she write her own IG message but the car was totaled. Things that make you go UMMMMM.

  2. Kerrie

    I just can’t take anything Jennifer McKinney says as the truth these days. There may have been a car accident but she has exaggerated how serious it was. It just does not add up that the woman who photographs EVERYTHING hasn’t posted a photo or even a proper update of her injuries…Lord knows it would generate her oodles of comments & sympathy.

    My thought was that the Trustee was threatening to take the vehicle so she/they let the hand brake off & rolled it deliberately down the hill. To add weight to her story she later called the ambulance. The time frame & two locations just don’t make sense. That all she complained about was her m&#her f*%#er headache.

    I also find it interesting that the woman who photographs everything has also not used her Canon recently. I so hope the Trustee has taken her equipment. She has referenced recently that she is going to photograph the wedding her daughter is to be a part of but could rent equipment if need be I guess.

    Tracy, will there ever been a public record of the goods/assets seized by the Trustee?

    I’d so love to see it.

  3. Not Mckmama

    So here is what my question is. If she was alone in the car, on the way to pick up the kids, how did she end up going down that hill by the stop sign ? If she was on the street going towards the school, and away from her house, then what the heck did she do to be at that stop sign and then turn immediately left almost uturn and down a hill ? Im seriously trying to figure out what could have happened.

    How does one lose control of their cars, TWICE in a year, alone, not distracted, on pretty basic country roads.

    They don’t

    1. Not MckMama

      excuse me, I meant immediately right. All I can think of is she was looking down, or not paying attention, looked up, saw the stop sign and hard right turned to avoid going into traffic…

  4. Mary Elizabeth

    This is all strictly my opinion, of course, but I’m beginning to believe Ms. Mckinney suffers from Munchausen by Internet, along with a whole host of other psychological disorders. She is a deeply disturbed and emotionally tormented woman with the maturity of a 15y/o at best. Her husband appears to be very content playing right along with her sick and illegal games.

    I pray the law steps in however it can to put a stop to these two deceptive slobs. It would appear that the bankruptcy trustee is taking first dibs at them. Good for him. The Mckinneys are crooks plain and simple.

  5. sher

    Would a detailed/complete police report have to be completed as part of the insurance claim? Would that report contain the name of the wrecker/towing company that worked the accident?
    “ALL” the windows were busted out ????

  6. Tracy Coenen

    I have received some questions privately about my approach to this topic and my failure to give my professional opinion on it.

    I admit to being sarcastic about Jennifer and Israel McKinney, and all of their financial troubles. They are lying liars who lie, and the web of lies gets exponentially bigger with each passing month. As human beings, they disgust me. But as a fraud investigator who deals with stuff like this on a daily basis, their actions do not surprise me.

    I do not believe this alleged accident will have any bearing on the bankruptcy. Their debts aren’t being discharged. This vehicle was an exempt asset. And it appears there was no lien on it. I don’t think this will matter to the bankruptcy case.

    As for insurance fraud? If this was a staged or intentional “accident,” any insurance claim by the McKinneys could be under scrutiny. I do not know the chances of the insurance company investigating this, but we can only hope that 2 accidents in the same vehicle in 8 months would warrant an investigation on their part.

    I have left out an opinion on these pictures intentionally. I don’t know if the accident actually occurred or not, or whether it was intentional or staged. I think readers are smart enough to draw their own conclusions.

  7. There is an old verse in the God’s word that basically says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Sounds like J’s arrogant, manipulative, in-your-face behavior is catching up with her – finally!

    J’s followers have to be utterly stupid to think that there is any merit to her “car accidents” and even more so given their timing. oh.my.word. Ridiculous.

    Thank you Tracy for the job you passionately do and thank you for keeping us informed. We want to hear the truth and you have done a thorough job helping us out here understand the complexities of it all.

  8. Kirby

    If those pictures are legit, then there is no way that that is the recent scene of a major accident of the sort MckMama is claiming. For one, having worked as an accident investigator and first responder, I can tell you that that’s an amazingly clean scene. In cases of cars veering off of the side of the road by means of an accident, there are usually quite long skid marks on the road’s surface and they show an uncontrolled velocity pattern. These pictures show little-to-no skid marks. The other problem- the trees and grasses in the picture are not consistent with a catastrophic roll over accident. We should see those little saplings crushed and broken and there would be assorted detritus from the contents of the car, along with small components from the car itself in the grasses. There’s nothing. No glass in the grass (and, trust me, it’s impossible to clean up a scene that well in nature)? No small bits of bumper? No disturbance, other than a couple of tire prints in the MUD? Honestly, I don’t know where your picture came from or what the intent was, but even from the very little you can see in them, it looks like a low impact scene and the tire tracks in the mud look pretty fresh? Recreation of an alleged scene? More interesting- the time differnce between the accident report and the actual first response. The distance isn’t a problem- often, in rural situations, the officer will record the call as the nearest address or intersection. The time is what is wrong. If there was a roll-over accident, there wouldn’t be an hour gap between the first call and the first response. The liability alone would kill the municipality reporting. Roll-overs can be deadly and after the first 911 call and police response (which, I believe is the first call on the log), there would’ve been a call for EMS at the same time. UNLESS, UNLESS the reporting person (Jennifer) told them there was no injury and little damage. In which case, the vehicle damage is inconsisten. The better question: How did she hold onto her phone? In every case of a roll over, contents shuffle and fly everywhere- how did she keep or retrieve her phone?

    I’d also be curious to know if this means she’s replaced every car seat twice in eight months? After one accident, the seat is no good due to minute stress cracks and forces from the accident.

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