Vexatious litigant and extortionist Crystal Cox continues to lose her many looney legal battles. She filed a slew of similar lawsuits against a large group of people Cox thought were engaged in some grand conspiracy to deprive her of a right to earn a living. (Note: Her inability to earn a living is completely her own doing.) Those suits were all thrown out of court one by one.

The lawsuit in which Marc Randazza, his wife, and their young daughter are suing Crystal Cox for  cyberpiracy and cybersquatting remains alive, but Cox keeps getting slapped down. Most recently, her order demanding that the court force the FBI or an Attorney General to begin an investigation into Cox and Randazza was denied.

Crystal Cox’s motion to dismiss on the basis that the Randazzas have committed a “fraud on the court” was denied because it was filed “fatally late.” Despite being warned over and over that she must follow the court’s rules, Cox keeps filing looney motions which don’t follow the scheduling order and are unsubstantiated and incomprehensible. This time, the court warned her again, and told her that future violations of the court’s rules “may be met with monetary sanctions.”

Cox has still failed to file an appropriate answer to the Randazzas’ complaint. So the judge threw out most of Cox’s answer.

The most entertaining recent decision in the case is one that Crystal Cox has tried to spin as a win for herself. In reality, the decision deals several more blows to her. All claims Cox made against Randazza Legal Group were dismissed. Most of the claims she made against Marc Randazza were dismissed, with the exception of a defamation claim for statements made outside of litigation and a claim for legal malpractice. Most of the claims were dismissed with prejudice, meaning Cox cannot refile those claims. Two of the dismissed claims (abuse of process and tortious interference with business advantage) could be refiled by Cox, but she has no proof of either and cannot succeed on those claims. (Most notably, her claim of interference with business advantage blames the Randazzas for her inability to earn a living, when the truth is that her nutty behavior is the real reason she cannot get a job or develop a viable business.)

It is doubtful that Cox can refile any of her claims in a way that complies with the court’s rules. The circus continues



  1. SMB 09/09/2014 at 8:55 am - Reply

    have you, or anyone, noticed that Obsidian V Cox has been voluntarily dismissed? And, obsidian has vanished? She lost, she finally gave up. It docent appear that Obsidian will receive and fees, but she lost…

  2. Tracy Coenen 09/09/2014 at 10:02 am - Reply

    I believe you are referring to (seen here:

    But wow… it is interesting that the parties dismissed the suit. (seen here:

    I would love to know how that was settled.

    • SMB 09/09/2014 at 10:16 am - Reply

      Correct. That site, and several others labeled obsidian finance sucks, and sites about Kevin Padrick seem to be gone. I know she was offered a deal before the first trial, remove all the hate sites, print a retraction and they would drop the case. Cox chose to go Bat Crap Crazy and thought she could win. Apparently she is on to bigger and better scams. Thankfully Marc Randazza is still on the case. now if we could just get William Windsor, the vexatious litigant in four states to crawl under the same rock….

  3. Tracy Coenen 09/09/2014 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Cox has never been onto a real scam. LOL. She is indeed bat shit crazy. I wish she could actually find a real scam and use her time constructively. She seems to have a lot of time on her hands.

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