Jennifer McKinney (MckMama) Update… Another Foreclosure!

Jennifer McKinney Mugshot

It has been quite a while since I have written about professional con artist Jennifer McKinney, known by some as MckMama from her blogging days. Previously, we have discussed her bankruptcy fraud (debts NOT discharged and forever payable by her thanks to her dishonesty about her income and assets), her repeated lies about paying off her debts, and her shilling for Xyngular (a multi-level marketing program which peddles crappy and possibly dangerous diet supplements).

Despite bragging repeatedly that she makes $30,000 per month with Xyngular, Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney now has entered a FOURTH foreclosure on a home. Previously she lost three homes to foreclosure :

  1. 316 W. 2nd Street, Chaska, MN – Purchased 8/30/04 for $210,000; Notice of Foreclosure 12/2/08
  2. 6016 Beachwood Road, Mound, MN – Purchased 6/30/07 for $465,000; Notice of Foreclosure 2/5/09
  3. 14464 98th Street, Becker, MN – Purchased 8/28/09 for $485,000; Taken by bank 4/19/11

In the past, MckMama has bragged about how they stopped paying the mortgage and instead “saved” the money to buy another house. No doubt she is doing the same thing this time around.

This particular house (W5441 Innsbruck Road in West Salem, WI) has been the subject of controversy before. In 2013, the house was the “victim” of a very suspicious fire. Despite claiming that nearly all of the family’s belongings were destroyed in the fire (donations, anyone?), various items from years past have popped up on Facebook and Instagram. Jennifer and her soon-to-be ex-husband Israel used the fire as an opportunity to completely remodel the house, ending up with a house with too much money in it and a mortgage with a high interest rate. (And lets not forget the $60,000 that mom and dad (Shirley Sauls and Jack Sauls) borrowed against their house (2226 Barlow Street in La Crosse, WI) for Jennifer’s downpayment!)

Who could have predicted this house would end up in foreclosure too? Just about everyone! That’s who!

However, don’t be surprised if there is an angle here. The bank loaned $318,750 at an interest rate of 11.5% (adjustable). I doubt the bank will be able to sell the house for that much, and Jennifer knows it. (And even if they could sell it for that much, it appears the Wisconsin Department of Revenue has a lien on it, so the creditors can have fun fighting over the proceeds of a sale.) She may have stopped paying the mortgage simply to angle for a modification of the mortgage, which could include a lower interest rate and possibly a write-off of part of the principal owed. (Of course property taxes on the house were paid late in 2014. Don’t expect property taxes to be paid in 2015.)

At any rate, MckMama will be able to stay in the house during the foreclosure process, so she can live for free for the next 6 months to a year, and “save” her money for her next house.

The grifting continues. Despite repeated warnings, individuals and businesses continue to engage in financial transactions with Jennifer McKinney. When will they learn that the mean old internets is telling the truth? Jennifer McKinney is a serial liar and thief.


  1. Sue

    I’m certainly not a fan of McKinney but I don’t think she ever claimed her family lost most of their belongings in the fire. I also don’t know of any donations received by them.

  2. Would she have to file bankruptcy to get the terms of the mortgage refinanced? In this case, the bank almost deserves to lose the money, since they knew they were lending more than the house was worth AND they damn well knew she had previous, recent foreclosures on her previous houses, as well as judgements against her from the IRS and the hospital. So it was a bad loan to begin with.

  3. Tracy Coenen

    No, bankruptcy would not be necessary if the bank was willing to enter into some sort of agreement with her.

    I can’t understand how the bank made the decision to lend to her after they looked at her credit. Really? 3 foreclosures, 1 bankruptcy denied because she’s a lying liar who lies, and all the other bills that she owes here there and everywhere…. Sadly, if they’re that dumb, they maybe do deserve to lose the money.

  4. She definately claimed their belongings were lost. She also takes any and all donations, even while claiming to make 30k per month. She received many gift cards and hotel stays over Stellans illness and sold bracelets that were never delivered. She also charges for photo shoots of sub par photography. She’s a professional scam artist and I feel for her poor kids.

  5. Leslie

    Hi Tracy,

    Just wanted to bring a correction to one of your comments below: “3 bankruptcies, 1 bankruptcy denied…”

    There were no other bankruptcies except the one that was denied for FRAUD. I think you meant to say 3 foreclosures, 1 bankruptcy denied.

    Also, not only is there a lien on the current soon-to-be-foreclosed house from the IRS, but also one from the blinds company that installed window coverings within the last year. Apparently, she wrote them a bad check or two and still felt the need to show them off via Instagram — without ever having paid for them. She’s brazen, that Jennifer Mckinney. Brazen, indeed.

  6. Tracy Coenen

    Thanks Leslie. I’ve fixed it.

    And as of yesterday, the bank got a default judgment against the McKinneys for the home loan, so her days are numbered there. Jennifer will soon be a squatter in the bank’s home!

  7. Paula

    I suppose you saw this posting on MckMama’s Facebook page.

    “So this crazy thing happened the other day.

    I earned a $100,000 cash bonus from my company.


    All for teaching people online how to become financially successful too.

    I still can’t believe it.

    Who wants to learn next!?

    ?#?blessed? ?#?bestjobever? ?#?noexperiencerequired?”

  8. Jessica

    I know this woman personally and it doesn’t matter what people have done in their past because you have to pay for everything that you do you word yourself like you have never done anything wrong but I’m here to tell you this Jennifer is a GOLD EXECUTIVE WITH XYNGULAR HOW DO I KNOW BECAUSE SHE SIGNED ME UP IN THIS LIVE TIME IF YOUR GOING TO LOSE LOSE BIG… BUT IF YOUR GOING TO WIN WIN BIG AND THE THINGS YOU HAVE HERE SHE HAS TOLD HERE TEAM…. PEOPLE CHANGE

  9. Tracy Coenen

    Jessica – Jennifer hasn’t changed. She is still stiffing creditors, as evidenced by the foreclosure on her current home. Unfortunately, she hasn’t stopped lied and cheating.


  11. Lee Johnson

    Case has reopened, they were sent a notice of foreclosure sale on 5 Feb 2020. These people also have multiple debts just in the local area. A quick scan of the publicly available court records (Wisconsin Court View) will yield a disgusting list of people they have left hanging.

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