6 thoughts on “Is Herbalife a Scam?

  1. Tracy Coenen

    Yeah, they mix up the causation. 99% of people don’t make money because the system is rigged against. them.

  2. ConnieF

    when the HL CEO said this was the first time he’d heard “HL is a scam” in his 10 year tenure, I had to laugh out loud. Either he’s clueless or lying. Either way, do you want to invest either time or money in such a company? There are so many better options out there!

  3. QUANT2325

    It is a scam for sure, but it is a protected scam becuase the government won’t touch HLF. Is Ackman’s presentation an inflection point against MLM, or is it a cause for a short squeeze? I’ll go with the latter since the DOJ has no balls.

  4. It’s amazing what lengths these companies go to in order to have their web sites come up high in searches with key words that would indicate people were looking for information on whether it’s a scam.

    Doesn’t that practice, within itself, prove the point somehow?

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