09 Feb

Herbalife Victims Video: Almost Everyone Loses Money in MLM

Multi-level marketing is not a business. I’ve written numerous times about the fact that more than 99% of participants in multi-level marketing (MLM) lose money. Companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics promote the “income opportunity,” but when the vast majority of MLM distributors say they lost money, the story changes to “they didn’t really want to make money,” or “they just did it for fun,” or “they didn’t try hard enough.”

The truth is that MLM is not a “business opportunity.” Almost everyone who participates is guaranteed to lose money. You can follow all the instructions, talk to everyone you know, invest money in the scam, and you will still lose money. Why? Because MLM is nothing but a pyramid scheme in which all the people at the bottom of the pyramid will lose money.

Check out this new video featuring victims of the Herbalife “business opportunity.” They put lots of money, time, and effort into their “businesses” and ended up losers.

The FTC has taken steps to shut down Vemma, but don’t be confused…. other MLMs are just like Vemma. They try to distance themselves and say they’re different and they’re legitimate. But the fact remains that all multi-level marketing companies are abusive systems which take money from the participants, offering them the opportunity to earn money, knowing that they are virtually guaranteed to lose money.

One thought on “Herbalife Victims Video: Almost Everyone Loses Money in MLM

  1. It’s not a business, a foolish little schlemiel at work is involved in the Nerium MLM scam and when I ask “How’s X’s Pyramid Scheme, did he learn his lesson yet?” to the other coworkers look at me all scolding and reply “You mean his BUSINESS” correcting me as if I was in the wrong. Another dude’s girlfriend was going to get rich in her new “business” an MLM scheme selling dildos of all things believe it or not. Who on earth would buy a sex toy from someone they know! She was having the typical pyramid parties and he was passing catalogues around work to people who were either uninterested or aghast at the affront. They of course wound up with an expensive garage full of unsold rubber dicks collecting dust. IT’S NOT A FRIGGIN BUSINESS FOR CHRISSAKE! A real business is the immigrant guy who opened a minimart in the marginal neighborhood in our town working ungodly hours, not this MLM crap.

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