College Rape Crisis Hoax

We’ve all heard about this “college rape crisis” that has been manufactured and plastered all over the internet and media. The story line is that there is an incredibly high instance of rape on college campuses. The [false] story is promoted like this, and this, and this, and this. It’s all a hoax, and the situation becomes even more egregious when so-called journalists make statements like “virtually everyone agrees.” No, virtually everyone does NOT agree.

Occasionally, a brave soul will speak up and inform everyone that the “college rape crisis” story is a myth. The hoax has been perpetuated through fake statistics and fake narratives, like the story Jackie told to Rolling Stone about the rape that never happened. This whole college rape crisis hoax is insulting and belittling to real victims of rape.

So where is the proof that this crisis has been manufactured? Look no further than the Bureau of Justice Statistics and a study entitled Rape and Sexual Assault Among College-age Females, 1995-2013. A summary of the study is found here.

Basically, the study looked at the victimization rates of females between the ages of 18 and 24. It specifically compared women who were enrolled in college to those who were not. Surprise, surprise! There is no college rape crisis! The study found:

The rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for nonstudents (7.6 per 1,000) than for students (6.1 per 1,000).

And in case you’re wondering whether the study took into consideration that some rape victims don’t report their assaults to police, the answer is yes. The study did find that student victims of rape were more likely to NOT report the incidents to police.

Nonethless, the overall finding makes it clear that college students are not victims of rape at massive rates. In fact, young women who are NOT in college are more likely to be victims of rape.

So let’s stop with the college rape crisis hoax. It is not helping anyone, and it is simply a fraud.

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