UnitedHealth Group Inc. may have to [tag]restate[/tag] some financial data as a result of [tag]improper accounting[/tag] related to the grant of [tag]stock options[/tag]. All told, the changes and loss of some tax benefits may mean a reduction of $286

The “Survivors’ Staircase”, the only remaining above-ground portion of the Twin Towers, might be demolished to make way for a new office tower. This Vesey Street staircase was the path to survival for many fleeing the World Trade Center

Daniel Biechele, the former band manager whose pyrotechnics caused the February 2003 Rhode Island nightclub fire that left 100 dead, was sentenced to four years in prison. The families of victims were hoping for more prison time, since the

My latest installment in the [tag]Wisconsin Law Journal[/tag] discusses personal characteristics that are indicators of on-the-job [tag]fraud[/tag]. Those who commit [tag]occupational fraud[/tag] tend to have certain risk factors or exhibit certain behaviors that should raise [tag]red flags[/tag]. Questionable things

[tag]Zacarias Moussaoui[/tag], the [tag]9/11[/tag] conspirator who recently pleaded guilty has asked to court to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea and instead have a trial. He says that he lied on the witness stand about his involvement in

The CFO of Zale Corp., Mark Lenz has been placed on administrative leave indefinitely. His offense: not disclosing delayed [tag]vendor payments[/tag] done to improve 2005 cash flow. Vendor payments scheduled for the last two weeks of the company’s fiscal

Arrests in Boston Big Dig investigation

Six current and former employees of Aggregate Industries, the largest supplier of concrete for Boston’s Big Dig were arrested today on charges of [tag]falsifying records[/tag] to cover up the poor quality of their concrete. The [tag]corruption[/tag] charges include making

This was a VERY interesting article about how [tag]pay-per-click[/tag] advertising works, and the possibility for abuse ([tag]click fraud[/tag]). Advertisers can click on the ads of rivals in order to “spend” their rivals’ advertising budgets and knock them off line.