[tag]Kenneth Lay[/tag] maintained on Tuesday that [tag]Enron[/tag] was a financially healthy company that was just a victim of outside forces. He claimed that in late 2001 he was just a desperate executive who was trying to fight off a

This weekend, Reggie Bush’s parents and brother moved out of the Spring Valley home they’e been living in since last year. Apparently, information has surfaced linking the property to Michael Michaels, a man affiliated with a sports marketing company

The first civil case over the tax shelter called “Son of Boss” went in favor of the IRS. Tax Court Judge David Laro granted summary judgment to the IRS in its case against RJT Investments X LLC in Omaha,

Last week, Sheron L. Jerdee of Cameron, Wisconsin was found guilty of four felony counts of forgery-uttering and two felony counts of [tag]medical assistance fraud[/tag]. Jerdee, 64, owned Ambu-Lift Transports, Inc., a company that provided transportation to people covered

Enron had a history of trying to elicit favorable opinions on accounting issues from Arthur Andersen. The executives were aggressive in their reporting of income and expenses, always seeming to find a way to report things in the way

Burst.com is a California company co-founded 18 years ago by Richard Lang. Exactly what is the core business of the company? It holds 10 U.S. patents and asks big companies to license its technology. If they don’t, Burst sues

Dan-el Padilla Peralta is an [tag]illegal immigrant[/tag] and a student at Princeton University. He turned himself in two weeks ago. He has won a scholarship to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, but if he leaves the United States

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Frank Jude Jr. is “devastated and disgusted” at the news that three former Milwaukee police officers were acquitted of charges of beating him in October 2004. Jude is currently at the Oshkosh Correctional